The Shepherd's Cabin

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The Shepherd's Cabin

Passo Oclini is located between the Corno Bianco and the Corno Nero mountains. Man has been coming to these places for 10.000 years. The meadows and the woods have been used for hunting and herding since the beginning of the Mesolithic, that is, between the IX and VIII millennia B.C. 

In that period, the Adige valley was just too hot for life, so the settlers sought shelter on the mountains. 

In 1977, during an archaeological excavation carried out precisely here, traces of settlements were found, and 55 tools made of flintstone from that time. 

At the top of the Corno Nero instead, archaeologists have discovered a place for ritual sacrifices dating from between 1,200 and 900 B.C., that is, between the Bronze and the Iron ages. Among the uncovered tools, there were some sharpening stones made of sandstone, some ceramics, burnt animal bones and a bronze dagger. 

Many millennia afterwards, in the Middle Ages, these places were exploited again by the  Knappen (German miners). Go to the insight to listen to their story.